How to get people to read your blog

If you write some blog and people not read your blog, then it is important to know “How to get people to read your blog“. Attract the audience on a blog is not an easy task: you have to do a lot of research to build great posts and interesting content. For that, you need time, effort and perseverance and, often, you can fall into despair that your traffic figures do not increase.

Do you know why the trend in Social Media has changed?

A post of yours can be tweeted by 50 or 100 people but the important thing is that you ask yourself: how many of them have read the content of my blog? The interactions in social networks are very important, there is no doubt, but it matters even more, that people get involved with the content you publish, go to read it, comment and share.

So what is the solution?

Create content that people enjoy reading and not just good headlines that make people share you. In this way, readers will be more likely to leave comments and spend more time in your blog reading and this of course, is one of the most important factors to increase positions in search engines.

Tricks to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Know your audience

Think that each post is like a conversation you establish with your readers. If you transfer it to real life, surely you do not talk in the same way to your lifelong friends, to your parents or to a client.

When you have an important meeting at work or try to sell something to someone, surely you worry about getting to know that person a little more, in order to get closer to her, to know her weaknesses or what she likes, so that you facilitate the sales process. In your blog, you may not intend to sell anything and that you simply like to write but, it is important that you know what those who read you are like, so that you can use the right language and the exact contents that they will like.

How are your readers and why are they going to choose you?

Create an ideal reader profile, where you can place the maximum possible information of that person, to know who you are going to.

·         Demographic data: sex, age, where they live.

·         Lifestyle: what they like to see, where they spend their money, what are their hobbies

·         His personality: they are close, technical, have a sense of humor, do not laugh even with a meme of Julio Iglesias, etc.

Use Google Trends

Thus, you will know what topics or keywords users are looking for the most. With this, you can get to know a little more thoroughly the people you are going to address, to know what they like and what you can offer them. Once you have done it and have your blog up and running, I recommend that you do the same exercise again after a while, when you have published readers and posts.

·         Google Analytics: the cornerstone and the mother of all data.

·         Twitter Analytics

·         Facebook Insights


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